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Available Services at Village Lactation 

We do require a referral request (above form or a letter that includes contact and health information for both the lactating parent and the infant) be faxed to our office for patients to be seen in our office. Lactation is a two person relationship (parent & infant), so it is critical for a complete assessment that we see both of you. Referrals are accepted from physicians, registered midwives, nurse practitioners, audiologists, chiropractors, podiatrists, dentists, optometrists & physical therapists.   

After your referral is processed, you will be invited to create an account for Pomelo and sent a pre-visit intake form. We do require that all families receiving care here register for pomelo. Our referral coordinator strives to contact patients typically on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Friday afternoons help schedule your initial consult. 

Your physician will help you book your follow up appointments as determined by your needs. You can also book your FOLLOW UP appointments online or by calling our office for assistance with booking follow up appointments. 

When should families seek care from a Breastfeeding & Lactation Medicine Physician rather other lactation consultants or community lactation supports? 

Our feeding care is led by physicians trained in Breastfeeding and Lactation Medicine and our purpose is to provide care for complex feeding concerns. Our physicians are uniquely qualified to diagnose and manage breastfeeding and lactation-related problems using evidence-based medicine. Lactating families may need physician-level care and guidance for more complex medical problems that impact feeding, such as breast masses, low milk production, hyperlactation, induction of lactation, complex medication regimens, thyroid disease, cancer, inflammatory health conditions, infections, etc. Breastfeeding and lactation problems can be the first symptom of another medical condition such as parent endocrine disease, infant health concerns or parent mental health challenges.

Breastfeeding and Lactation Medicine physicians often work alongside lactation consultants and other community supports to provide team care for lactating families.

Due to a high volume of referrals, at this time we are unable to support lactation and breastfeeding concerns such as general positioning and latching or pumping support. These issues may be better served through other providers in the community.  Options for both public and private pay in the Edmonton area are outlined here: 

Prenatal Consults

While pregnant, you can come see us for: 
  • Breastfeeding/chestfeeding after breast, nipple, or areolar surgery. 
  • Anticipatory support and strategies for parents with past struggles with milk supply or other lactation concerns. 

Other  Types of Consults

We also see families for help with: 
  • Inducing lactation. This means helping non-birthing parent(s) create a milk supply. Ideally, we start working together 6-8 months prior to expected arrival of baby. 
  • Relactation. This means helping a previously lactating person bring back their milk supply or create a new milk supply. 
  • Discussions about medication safety during lactation. 

Postpartum Lactation Consults

Once your infant has arrived: 

  • Atypical infant weight gain. 
  • Breast/chest and nipple pains, injury, & infections. 
  • Milk supply management (too high or too low). 
  • Latching difficulties not able to be managed alone by community lactation supports. Please see our handout on laidback breastfeeding, a frequently helpful position for optimizing pain related to shallow latching. 
  • Support for alternative feeding methods such as supplemental nursing systems, bottle feeding, cup feeding, etc.
  • Pumping assessment, information, and support. 
  • Suspected oral restriction (ie tongue tie) assessments and frenotomies.

Types of Visits Available at Village Lactation

Visits that will be booked by our staff: 

Initial Consult Appointments - Referral is required for all initial consults

  • Village Lactation - Breastfeeding Consult - Initial visit for lactating parent and baby
    • This is our standard appointment to support families with a variety of lactation or infant feeding related concerns listed above. 
    • Please note that if the concern we are assessing is for possible tongue tie, rarely will the frenotomy be performed on during the initial visit. We will arrange for you & baby to return in a timely fashion to have this procedure completed. 
    • Duration is 45-60 minutes.
  • Village Lactation - Lactation Induction Initial Consult
    • This appointment type is specific for families that are coming to see us to receive help in inducing lactation in a non-gestation parent. In other words, a non-pregnant pregnant parent wanting to develop a milk supply to feed their infant.
    • Duration is 45-60 minutes.
    • It is best if we can start working together 6-8 months prior to baby's anticipated arrival. However, we can also help your family even if baby has already arrived.
    • A referral is still requested with the infant's demographics & health information once they arrive. 
  • Village Lactation - Antenatal Consult (a consult service during pregnancy).
    • For this appointment, you come to see us during pregnancy. Ideally, the appointment would occur between 32-38 weeks of pregnancy.
    • The goal is to assess any past struggles with lactation, or reasons you may anticipate challenges, and to come up with a plan together to optimize your lactation experience.
    • Duration is 45-60 minutes when at Village Lactation or 30 minutes when done at the St. Albert Low Risk Maternity Clinic.
    • All consults done at our Village Lactation office, with the exception of antenatal consults specific to the maternity patients of the St. Albert Low Risk Maternity Group at the St. Albert & Sturgeon Primary Care Network.
    • IF we make arrangements to see you and baby after delivery, a referral is still requested with the infant's demographics & health information. 

Allied Team Member Visits: 

  • Village Lactation - Focused IBCLC visits
    • These appointments are scheduled with our wonderful team member Brittney Pederson. Brittney is an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant who will be supporting our families two days per week for these focused visits.
    • During these visits, families will select ONE focus area to work on with Brittney, such has a pumping assessment, latching assistance, OR oral exercise training. 
    • There is no additional cost for these visits. The cost is covered by our office for families who are existing patients of Village Lactation.
    • Dyads must be assessed in an initial consult with one of our Breastfeeding and Lactation Medicine physicians prior to seeing Brittney.


Appointments that can be booked ONLINE or by our staff

Follow Up Appointments with your Breastfeeding Medicine Physician: 

  • Village Lactation - Breastfeeding Follow Up in Person 
    • These appointments occur in our office. Both the lactating parent & infant must be in attendance, unless specifically discussed beforehand with your physician that the parent to be present (ex for pumping troubleshooting). 
    • Duration is 35-40 minutes for dyad.  
    • You will receive a pre-visit follow up form (much shorter than initial) by email. Please do your best to complete this questionnaire prior to your visit.
  • Village Lactation - Breastfeeding Follow Up Virtual 
    • These appointments are intended for simple follow up questions or discussions. They are not ideal for physical examination. 
    • They are typically done by phone, in which case please expect a call from a blocked number, or by secure video call using the platform 
    • Please note that while your physician does aim to call you at the scheduled time of your phone call, that is not always possible. It may occur in a window of a FEW HOURS before or after the scheduled time. 
    • We are not able to conduct a virtual visit while you are driving. You will be asked to safely pull over or another time can be found for your phone call.
    • You will receive a pre-visit questionnaire by email. Please do your best to complete this questionnaire prior to your visit. 
    • Duration is 20 minutes for dyad. 



  • Because our services are provided by physicians, there is no cost for visits provided by Village Lactation for people with valid Alberta Health.  
  • However, our office does have a no-show fee if cancellations are made with less than 24 hours notice or if the patients do not show up
  • No-show fees are $150 for a first consult visit, $60 for an in person follow up appointments (with the physicians or with Brittney), and $40 for virtual follow ups. 
  • However, if cancellations are due to you experiencing an acute respiratory or Covid related illness, your appointment can be converted to virtual (by telephone or video call) and no cancellation fee will be charged. Please note that virtual may not be ideal to address all types of concerns, but we will do the best we can to complete a thorough assessment and support your family. 
  • No show fees must be paid prior to rebooking. It can be paid in person or over the phone by credit card. 

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