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Families & providers may find some of the following resources useful 

Body feeding position handouts: 

Village - Positioning Principles & Latching Partnership - Principles relating to general positioning partnership and working with your baby. 

Village - Semi-Reclined (aka laid back) - commonly suggested latching position for parent and infant. 

Positions and Latching - handout created by La Leche League Canada.


Bottle feeding handouts: 

Village - Responsive Bottle Feeding - Updated handout cue-based bottle feeding is used to encourage your baby’s natural feeding skills. It keeps them working as an actively engaged feeding partner.


Village - Elevated Side-Lying position - another approach for bottle feeding your baby.

Human Milk Storage - Handout from IABLE on human milk storage guidelines. 


Parent health topics: 

Pumping Optimization -  single page tips on pumping principles

Mastitis Spectrum Protocol -  guidance on engorgement and mastitis inflammatory spectrum breast care.


How Taking Care of Yourself Helps Baby - created by More Milk Sooner team. Please, take a look at this one. 


Academy of Breastfeeding Medicine parent handouts: 

Physiologic Infant Care - Supporting breastfeeding, sleep, and well-being

Mastitis in Breastfeeding

Bedsharing and Breastfeeding



Disclaimer: These handouts are for general use to support families. Specific content on these handouts is not intended as medical advice from any of the physicians or staff at Village Lactation. We are, however, more than happy for you to share these resources if you find them helpful

Resources - Websites 

Families & providers may find some of the following resources useful 

Prenatal care resources: 

Prenatal Education Booklet - Prenatal Breastfeeding & maternal self care booklet created by Dr. Katrina Mitchell from Physician Guide to Breastfeeding. 

Postpartum Planning Workbook - 5 page handout from Physician Guide to Breastfeeding helps expectant parents plan for their postpartum experience. 


More Milk Sooner- This website contains useful handouts and videos on antenatal colostrum expression (milk expression while still pregnant) and hand expression. 


Lactation specific resources: 

Global Health Media - Contains many useful videos including attaching your baby at the breast, position options for breastfeeding, and breastfeeding within the first hour. They are very well made videos with nice visuals. 

First Droplets - Concise and useful videos to learn about the A,B,Cs to help establishing your milk supply. 


Mother to Baby - Fact Sheets on medications during pregnancy & lactation. 


La Leche League International - Their mission is to help mothers worldwide to breastfeed through mother-to-mother support, encouragement, information, and education, and to promote a better understanding of breastfeeding as an important element in the healthy development of the baby and mother.



Physician Guide to Breastfeeding Books List - Good Books for parenthood, lactation, & the postpartum period. 


Your Baby Is Speaking to You - A Visual Guide to the Amazing Behaviours of Your Newborn and Growing Baby.



Child health and maternal health resources: 

Healthy Children Healthy Parents - Alberta Health Services information for parents about pregnancy and parenthood.

HEAL - Alberta Health Services website for helping parents find reliable information about minor illness and injuries. 


Disclaimer: These sites are from third-party groups and are not maintained by myself. Specific content found on these sites should not be interpreted as medical advice from Village Lactation or their respective sites. 

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