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Alternative options for care for lactation supports

If you are not able to wait for the current wait times to be into be seen at Village Lactation, please review the following list of alternative breastfeeding providers. Some are covered by Alberta Health Care and require that your provider (midwife or physician typically) to send a referral letter. Others are privately paid options that require no referral letter.  Many patients may be unaware that their private benefit plans potentially cover out-of-hospital private nursing care, so this is something you may want to look into if you are considering this option. 

Options covered by Alberta Health (ie. no cost to patient) in Edmonton:

1. Dr. Kelly MacGregor is a Breastfeeding & Lactation Medicine physician at Willow Family Medicine

  • Specific referral form found on their website
  • Have your physician or midwife fax the referral to 1-780-665-2225.

2. Dr. Angela Berg is a Breastfeeding Medicine & Lactation Medicine physician who works at two sites.

  • Have your physician or midwife fax your referral letter to Dr. Berg at her Allin Clinic location to 780-488-2056 or her Misericordia Breastfeeding Clinic location to 780-735-2794

Private pay option for breastfeeding assessment and tongue tie management, if required:

1. Nurse Practitioner, IBCLC Erica Kalke at Synergy Breastfeeding Clinic - No referral required.

  • Details can be found on her websiteCosts as per details on her website.
  • Patients can call 780-467-4343. NO REFERRAL is required.

Options covered by Alberta Health (ie. no cost to patient) in Calgary:

1. WellFed Breastfeeding Clinic (provides VIRTUAL assessments, but may require subsequent in person assessments).

  • Specific referral form found on & sent to 587-387-2918

Please note that three other fully staffed physician run breastfeeding clinics exist in Calgary but we are not certain if they provide virtual assessments and care for families outside of Calgary unless they are willing to travel. 

Private community based options: 

Lastly, there are a multitude of community breastfeeding supports (not run by physicians or nurse practitioners) that patients can access privately in our community. A list of options can be found at Breastfeeding Directory. Please note that this directory is an independently run list and we cannot specifically comment on the individual skill sets of the providers listed. An IBCLC does have a more extensive formal training than an individual with the title CLC but that does not always speak to their individual abilities and experience. Many can be very helpful to you and your family depending on your requirements of assistance. 

La Leche League Canada

Parents can also access Peer to Peer support via telephone via the La Leche League Volunteer-run Phone Helpline between 9am to 9pm daily by calling 780-478-0507 with their breastfeeding questions. 

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