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Notice - March 2024

Notice - March 2024 - Dr. Eastman will be taking a parental leave from March 22, 2024 to March 2025. During her time away, existing patients who have been followed by Dr. Eastman will be scheduled for follow ups with Dr. Robertson, her locum physician who is trained in Breastfeeding & Lactation Medicine.

Due to a high volume of referrals, at this time we may be unable to accommodate more simple concerns such as general education, positioning and latching. These issues may be better served by other lactation professionals in the community.

Who is Village Lactation?

Village Lactation is a Breastfeeding and Lactation Medicine Clinic whose team is made up of multiple Breastfeeding & Lactation Medicine trained physicians and an IBCLC.


Village Lactation was created to serve infants and families, and has a fundamental recognition that "it takes a village" to raise a child. Our families are the ultimate leaders in their care and we are here to assist them with skill, dedication, and humility. Our team respects the autonomy of choice, and thoughtfully cultivates a safe environment for varying cultures and identities. We are privileged to support human milk, the first sacred food, on Treaty 6 territory. We offer a family centered approach to support your lactation journey and your infant feeding preferences. We comfortably support families who inclusively feed with parent's own breastmilk, donor human milk, and formula.


Our physicians are teachers to other healthcare learners such as medical students, medical residents, allied health professionals, and occasionally IBCLC candidates. As such, we may ask your permission to have a learner present during your visit.


Our services are covered by Alberta Health, meaning there is no cost to your family for your initial assessment, any relevant procedures, or your follow up visits. However, we do require a referral to access care in our clinic. In the rare occasions that families do not have Alberta Health or equivalent (ex. Medavie blue cross for Military families), such as families who come from outside of Canada & do not have Alberta Health coverage yet), then there will be a private fee that is to be paid prior to your visit. 

Parenthood can be overwhelming, we are here to help you see the forest for the trees...

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